构建、修补 & 改变你的十大老品牌网赌大全!

乡亲们 Breathitt, 诺特, 莱斯利,佩里县 在肯塔基东部,我喜欢家乡的山丘和山谷. We know, too, that they also care deeply about their friends 和 neighbors. That’s why we invite our local people to serve others with us during our 年度事件! 

如果你有帮助别人的愿望, 服务你的十大老品牌网赌大全, 或者以有意义的方式回馈, 有效的方式, 欢迎加入我们的特别志愿者活动! 这些事件, 当我们需要志愿者时,我们会宣传的, give you an opportunity to help folks in our community get the 回家修理 they need but can’t afford. 在我们的十大老品牌网赌大全房屋饲养, you’ll see a local low-income family become the owners of a home you helped build. 不管是一天还是几天, we’d love to have you roll up your sleeves 和 help your neighbors in need!

我们欢迎个人和团体与我们一起服务. Keep in mind that you 不 need to have any construction experience to volunteer with HDA! 我们的专职木匠将在现场指导和帮助您.

Are you a member of a local church who’d like to bring a group to serve the community with us? 你领导过一个学校团体吗?比如JROTC, 4-H, 戏剧俱乐部, or sports team – that would like to help out 和 do some community service? Or maybe you’re part of a local business or civic group that’s looking for opportunities to serve? Contact us to learn more about our program 和 join us in helping folks in need of new 和 better housing they can afford!



我们的船员在任何天气下都工作, 在我们服务的县的许多不同地点, 在不同规模的项目上. 为了我们的维修马拉松和十大老品牌网赌大全房屋募捐, 我们尽量让我们的项目离Hazard越近越好, 几何, Hyden, 和杰克逊. 你需要自己提供交通工具 (建议乘坐汽车、卡车或货车)和零食. 我们通常为所有的工作场所提供水. 在可能的情况下, a meal could be provided (for example, a breakfast or lunch during the event). 如果您有特殊需要或要求,请全球网赌十大网站的志愿者 & 十大老品牌网赌大全协调员知道!

在报名服役后, local volunteers should let us know the date (or dates) 和 times that work best for them. Keep in mind that dates are claimed on a first-come, first-served basis. Our 志愿者 Coordinator will work closely with you to determine the best time for you to serve that meets your goals, 我们的需求, 以及客户的需求. You will also need to abide by our requests for group sizes 和 any other requirements made by our staff. We will do everything we can to accommodate you 和 facilitate a rewarding experience for your group!

你可能听过别人这么说 你能给的最好的礼物就是你的时间我们相信这是真的. 如果你愿意的话,可以给我几个小时, 一天, or longer to build a local family an affordable home or make 回家修理 that help make someone’s home a better place to live, 这是值得花的时间. 


Repair-A-Thon & 心弦的房子




有问题? 需要帮助注册?

请致电606-436-0497与我们的志愿者交谈 & 十大老品牌网赌大全协调员, who will be happy to provide the assistance you need.

简·罗斯·布里顿, 志愿者 & 十大老品牌网赌大全协调员